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Are you raising funds on PGC? If yes, please read through the articles under this


If the donor is donating 500 or more, then they’re eligible for Tax 80G exemption.

Once funds are collected (even if partial funds are collected), the hospital is paid to begin the treatment. The funds are utilized for pre, ongoing and post treatment. If any funds are left, it is utilized for the next patient. The funds could be utilized for all essentials (everything including food, travel, accommodation) for patient and family members. Based on the financial condition of the family, ration can also be provided.

Tax 80G certificate, sense of satisfaction of saving a life.

No, to maintain privacy, and also organizational protocol.

The fundings will be utilized for the next immediate patient/case, even if not running campaign on the case. The donors are made aware of where their donations are going as per Post update reports on our website.


Call our toll-free number, OR drop us a mail, OR connect over social media handles with all the information and our team will connect with you directly.

We are partnered with Milaap, a crowdsourcing platform. If the partner is not able to support due to unavoidable reasons, we fundraise on our platform. Initial verification process is done and the treatment is initiated with partner hospitals.

Call/connect with us- share details – verification process is done - we connect with patient and/or family, video shoot of patient for ads and take it forward.

Aadhar card, patient report (if any), BPL card (if any)

After your details are shared, we share it with agency to run campaigns, ads. If the agency rejects from their end (if the case is not considered strong as per their eligibility criteria), they can reject the application. PGC can reject if the verification details are not convincing (this includes documents, verification call, family details). Also, if the disease is not curable, the application may be rejected as we cannot get funds for such cases.


Call/ connect with us, sign an MoU.

Not anything in particular - as per requirements. If hospitals, corporates, etc. different parameters.

No, we don’t encourage this. Maybe yes if hospitals.

If you are an individual, then you can join us as a member, and if you are an institution, non-government organization, a private company, or government body can join us as our project partner and can support us in various ways. For details, fill our project partner form, and we will connect with you.

There are various benefits available for our project partners, for details please fill our project partner form and we will connect with you to help you with your query.


Depends on the beneficiary – if they want their identity to be shared/hidden

The coordinators, verify over call, do a home visit, check the docs, verify the credentials from nearby people, etc.

We are partnered with Milaap which is a credible organization. To maintain authenticity, we conduct video shoot at the homes of the patients, not hospitals. We provide the required documents upon request.


Project Global Cure is an initiative of Humanity Welfare Council that aims to transform the health care sector in India by providing necessary funds to people in urgent need of medical assistance and advancing the medical system with increased accessibility. Our motto is to transform our health system and make medical care available for the general public without any burden of extra cost.

Any individual can approach Team Project Global Cure for Support. Team will check the authenticity of the case and select the case based on the gravity of the situation. Financial support is raised through different mediums. These funds will be utilized for the payments of medical bills and aftercare of the patient. Team meets the patient, and all the records with a thanksgiving video are provided to the supporters. Team monitors the case for one year. Any unutilized balance will be transferred towards the treatment of other needy patients.


Access and membership to events (online and offline) such as yoga and other health related events, online doctor consultation, or offline at any partner hospitals, all free of cost.