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Gender and Health


Women and men differ in biology, societal roles, responsibilities, familial and community positions. This difference influences the risks they are exposed to, their efforts to improve their health, and how the health system answers their needs. It may also have connections for the causes, consequences, and management of different ailments. 

A gender approach to health begins with recognizing and promoting the integration of gender as a social determinant of health into strategy development, research, health services, resource allocation, and project and program planning, monitoring, and implementation. 

It aims to achieve a greater impact on health and reduce inequities by: 

  • gathering and using sex-disaggregated data
  • understanding and analyzing the differences in genders
  • developing gender-responsive policies and 
PGC's Role

PGC supports and advances its work towards: 

  • Assuring healthy lives with improvement and advancement of the well-being of all
  • Achieving gender equality with the empowerment of each citizen 

We are committed to the non-discrimination of anyone. We seek to ensure that every person can live a healthy life regardless of gender. 

Gender inequality hinders progress from fulfilling everyone's right to health. Therefore, efforts in support must focus on reaching marginalized, stigmatized, and geographically isolated people of all sexes and gender identities, focusing on those in situations of increased vulnerability, including poor people, disabled, and racialized indigenous peoples. In addition, addressing discrimination against women and girls is critical. 

PGC strives to develop gender-responsive health service provision and delivery norms and commissions research on gender equality, human rights, and health equity problems. PGC also strengthens the health sector response to gender-based violence and addresses gender equality in health workforce development and gender-related barriers to health services. 

Fact Sheet

 PGC Resolution: To identify the outcomes of gender differences and inequalities on women's and men's health in India and design responses.