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Newborn Health


It is the need of the hour for India to focus on enhancing care around birth time and the initial week of a newborn's life to ensure every child survives and thrives to reach their full potential. 

The increasing numbers of preventable deaths, poor health, and well-being of newborns and under-five children signify uneven coverage of life-saving interventions and inadequate social and economic development in the country. Poverty, undernourishment, inadequate access to clean water, and sanitation are serious factors, along with lacking access to quality health services such as crucial care for newborns. 

Health development and improvement, the well-being of children, disease prevention services like vaccinations, and treating common childhood illnesses are imperative if children grow and survive. 


Children who die within the first month of birth suffer from conditions and diseases associated with a lack of quality and skilled care. Additionally, treatment immediately after birth and in the first days of life is also abstaining. India witnesses a vast majority of newborn deaths in poverty struck and disadvantaged families. 

PGC Response 

PGC continuously monitors the progress towards achieving optimum health for every newborn in India. 

PGC also endeavors to broaden its wings to focus on accessing healthcare to include quality of care for maternal, newborn, and child health to cut preventable maternal and newborn illnesses and deaths and improve every mother's childbirth and care experience.

Fact sheet

 PGC Resolution: Mitigating complications in preterm birth and improvising survival and well-being of newborns. Advancements in research on reproductive health, protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding in facilities providing maternity and newborn services, and ending preventable newborn deaths in India.