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Quality of Care


Quality of care is critical for a country. It is characterized by how health services for individuals, populations and societies improve desired health outcomes. It is essential for achieving national health coverage. It is imperative to carefully consider the quality of care and health services for the development of India in the health sector. Quality health care should be defined by:

  • Effectiveness – providing evidence-based healthcare assistance to those who require them
  • Safety – securing people and avoiding harm to them for whom the care is proposed
  • People-centric – providing healthcare services responding to people preferences, their needs and values.

For quality health care, it is a must for the health services to be:

  • On-time services – diminishing waiting times and sometimes serious delays.
  • Impartial – providing care that does not diversify in quality based on gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and socioeconomic status.
  • Blended well – health care must provide a full range of health services throughout the life plan.
  • Proficient – maximizing the profit of handy resources and avoiding waste.


PGC strives to achieve National Health Coverage for Indians, including financial risk protection and access to quality health care services. We are fighting against the challenges of providing quality care, quality services, reducing mortality, human suffering and significant economic losses.

The provision of quality services involves sound governance; skilled and competent health workforce who are supported and motivated; financing mechanisms that enable quality care; information systems to continuously monitor and encourage better care; medicines, tools and technologies that are ready, safe and appropriately regulated; and convenient and well-equipped healthcare facilities.

In collaboration with other organizations, partners and the Government of India, PGC has proposed a series of actions to achieve quality health service delivery at the front line. 

PGC Response

  • PGC works towards delivering quality health services that are effective, safe, people-centred, timely, equitable, integrated, and efficient.
  • In collaboration with the government, action needs to be taken at the health facility level to improve the quality of health services.
  • Across all levels, engagement and empowerment of the communities served by the health system are vital.
  • National policies and strategies to improve quality of care and a strong foundation across the health system closely aligned with broader national health policy and planning.
  • Quality needs to be continually measured and monitored to drive improvement, relying on accurate, timely and actionable data.
  • To improve the quality of health services by spreading knowledge generation and learning.
  • Major public health crises prioritize PGC to make our health systems resilient, providing quality health services before, maintained during, and improved upon following a public health emergency. 

Fact sheet

Figures: 5.7 – 8.4 million deaths per year are due to poor-quality care worldwide, up to 15% of deaths overall. 1 in 3 people report negative health system experiences, such as disrespectful care, short consultations, or long waiting times.

PGC Resolution: To achieve maximum quality healthcare services, ensuring patient safety, Strengthening integrated, people-centred health services.