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Zika Virus


Zika virus is a type of an infection that is spread mostly through mosquito bites present prominently in tropical and subtropical regions of the globe. Usually, it's a very mild infection and is not harmful.

Zika may cause a threat to pregnant women, as there is a fear of birth defects, particularly abnormally small heads.

One can reduce the risk of the infection by using insect repellents and loose clothing covering arms and legs if traveling to an infected area.


Most people have insignificant symptoms or no symptoms at all. Even if symptoms occur, they are mild and last no longer than 7 days.

Generally, symptoms include:

  • rashes
  • itching all over the body
  • high temperature
  • headache
  • joint pain 
  • muscle pain
  • red eyes 
  • lower back pain
  • pain behind the eyes


There is no vaccine for the Zika virus, and treatment of the viral infection usually involves controlling the symptoms because there are no proven antiviral treatments.

To relieve symptoms of the virus, it is recommended to:

  • Drink plenty of liquids 
  • Get lots of rest
  • Take acetaminophen to reduce fever and discomfort

Consult with a physician about the medications taken if one gets infected with the Zika virus.

Alternatively, one may use prescribed natural products to prevent or tackle the Zika virus. However, there's no convincing proof that these products can be used for Zika.

Fact Sheet

Fact: India reported the first Zika outbreak in the western state of Gujarat in 2016-17. This virus is associated with shrunken brains and rare auto-immune diseases in infants. 

PGC Resolution: To spread awareness of causes, personal protection measures, and remedies of the Zika virus in India.