8 Practices You Could Follow to Master Healthy Habits This New Year

  • Jan 6
  • 2022 25 Mins Read.

Resolutions to be healthier, fitter, change bad habits, lose some pounds, and so on would have been most of our plans to ring in 2022. But, unfortunately, these resolutions may sound familiar, like the ones we made the previous year. And the guilt that follows upon not committing to the promise we made to the fresh new year does not New Year resolutions; it makes us feel almost criminal!

Nevertheless, here's another new year and another chance to reset and remind us of what is most important in our lives to master better habits. With the New Year resolutions for 2022, we have developed a few healthy practices you could follow this year. Small actions can help to inspire routine healthy habits for everyone.

1. Take Control of Your Mind and Soul in a Little Way

We know that old habits die hard, but indulging in good new habits can be fun! Put an attempt to create a mindful morning routine, to begin with. Figure out what is the best for you and what doesn't work. Finding your balance and willpower is the most important facet of mindfulness. You can hop on to the fitness resolutions like every other person does, or you could make the best out of establishing new routines on your own. Channelize your identity and reduce your daily stress levels by tuning in your mind and soul.

2. Hydrate Yourself Better

As per every healthcare practitioner you've come across, hydrating yourself is the best therapy for good mental and physical health. Instead of caffeine in the morning, you could switch to a refreshing green tea or lemon/honey water to get your day started. Liquids could be an addon to your wholesome meals throughout the day to nourish your body and fight off toxins. Water is very essential for survival. Therefore, this year, set it a habit to ensure you drink at least eight or ten glasses of water every day.

3. Observe What You Eat

Make it a point to notice what you consume. The diet you intake can be more or less based on your body type, age, and other factors. Your calorie intake should be appropriate to burn and digest accordingly. A few minutes of a yoga session can be a great way to help burn those extra calories.

4. Mental Health Matters

With the pandemic and the unpleasant stuff around us, going through the day can be tough and exhausting. But it is essential to hold on to your ground. Just like how the body needs to be fed to survive, so does the mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. So be grateful and thankful for your entirety. Practice good mental health as a habit this year. 

5. Protect Yourself From Viruses

The only way to protect yourself from the flu and Covid-19 is by getting vaccinated completely. Also, try to get a booster if you're eligible. Preventative measures should also be taken, like avoiding large gatherings, wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands frequently, and staying at home when sick. 

6. Practice Physical Fitness

Exercising improves your heart and muscular health; it helps fight chronic illnesses and diseases. Studies have also shown that exercising reduces stress and improves your mood. Making an everyday commitment to workouts, stretching, meditating, or practising any other form of self-care can benefit your health.

7. Schedule Health Checkups Proactively

No matter where you are and what you do, it is important to schedule annual health checkups. Set up reminders and make sure your family does too! Routine checkups are vital for your health to stay consistent and up-to-date. Always remember, health is wealth! There can be nothing bigger and better than leading a healthy life. 

8. Be Resilient and Focused

More often than not, making changes involves setbacks. Stay focused and do not give up on your resolutions and goals. If you are stuck at any point in your life, think about why you want to bring about the changes. Then, get back on track and make things happen. Figure out ways to avoid temptations in the future and avoid them. Of course, goals are hard to accomplish, but you will never get to where you want to be if you give up.

These practices need to be worked upon in January, throughout the year, and, if possible, your whole life. You can turn to these practices at any time to make an optimistic change in your life. Here's Project Global Cure (PGC), hoping that 2022 will be a joyful and healthy year for the world where all of us can truly work hard and accomplish the amazing things that make us fit and sane.

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