As coronavirus spreads worldwide, India remains one of the worst-hit countries with significant cases and fatalities. The nationwide lockdown during the first and horrid second waves has already rolled us back both socially and economically. The need of the hour is to unite all Indians to work for the betterment of our country. The only possible way to win this war is by uniting our efforts and standing together.

We have faced many challenges earlier, and we have always come out victorious. Our nation needs us, and we must cooperate with the authorities to overcome this virus. Being in the middle of the biggest crisis, there is no possible way to run away from it. We have to stand firm against this crisis and help everyone around us in every possible way. It is time we take this pandemic seriously.

As the whole world has its eyes on India tackling Covid-19, the citizens and non-citizens must support the ongoing activities in our country in all possible ways to protect the future of India. No one is safe until everyone is safe.

It is necessary to save as many lives as possible. As many families are losing their earning hands, and the youth of our country are being affected, it becomes our duty to protect them and avoid the impending financial and social crisis.

What has PGC done so far?

When the virus first hit our country, we started a Covid-19 relief fund and launched the first campaign in India; Milaap was the first crowdfunding platform to help us with this.

This movement shows the results of our collaborative efforts with other organizations and local bodies. We work hard with commitment and devotion towards the wellbeing of our nation, both directly and indirectly.

The results are compelling - we have supported tens of thousands of families in India so far.

Looking out with all possible channels to reach out to needy families, we have met the requirements of nearly all the people who have come in touch with us.

We supported the affected families through our food donation drives, oxygen supplies, medical assistance, medical supplies, etc., in-person and indirectly through our project partners.

We have also reached out to the most remote places through local vendors who supported us in delivering the required items to the local beneficiaries.

How can you help?

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the help and support you have given by extending a helping hand during these extraordinary times. We are grateful to you for being a beacon of positivity and hope in these dark times.

As we battle the challenges incessantly to make a difference in our community and help those who are deprived, there is a surge in coronavirus cases in India that has made the challenge exceptionally acute due to the size and density of its population as well as the overall levels of poverty coupled with an inadequate health infrastructure and a stressed economy.

In such times, the Project Global Cure Team is on a mission to rescue and provide support to helpless, distressed, poverty-stricken, and hungry.

Project Global Cure team members are working tirelessly every day to save the maximum number of lives. We salute our Team Members for such courage and dedication towards serving humanity.

As the country lies wrecked and bruised by the second wave of COVID-19, every citizen faces the most significant dilemma between daily necessities and medical supplies. We need to ensure that no one fights this battle alone. We need to fill the void by helping with the funds for our people to survive.

Let us use the power of social media to defeat this deadly virus. By investing 15 mins of a day in creating social media campaigns, you can help us raise funds to save thousands of lives. Realize your strength to help and heal others. We appeal to you all to please come forward and be a part of this massive campaign with us.

The call of the hour is to stand united and help the nation heal.

Details for direct bank transfer


Humanity Welfare Council




Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110058

IFSC code:



Induslnd Bank

Instructions for bank transfer
  • Transfer allowed by domestic bank accounts only.
  • This account will not support fund transfers from foreign banks.
  • Please mention all the details correctly to save our time and efforts.
  • In case of any issue, please email us at [email protected]
  • India will face shortage of COVID-19 vaccines till July as said by (Serum Institute of India) SII chief Adar Poonawalla. India's pandemic condition is getting worse as compared to other nations as the nation was not expecting this second wave to be so deadly.
  • Varun Chakravarthy and Sandeep Warrier players from the Kolkata Knight Riders team, test positive for COVID-19. This led to the cancellation of the IPL match of Kolkata Knight Riders against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Ahmedabad.
  • The Managing Director of glassware company Borosil Ltd and Borosil Renewable Ltd based in Mumbai has said to provide financial assistance to the families of employees who died of COVID-19. Their families will be given two years salary along with their children's education till graduation in India.
  • Flights from the US carrying medical supplies for India to help in these tough times are delayed till Wednesday due to some maintenance issues. So, far only two flights have landed in India and we are looking forward to three more flights for medical assistance by Wednesday.
  • Delhi administration has announced to shut Chandni Chowk market till April 15 due to rise in COVID cases as India is hard hit by the UK variant. The Delhi Kirana Committee of Khari Baoli Market and the Chemical Merchant Association of Tilak Bazaar also announced the closing of markets till April 21.
  • IIT Kanpur and IIT Hyderabad scientists predicted a high spike in Covid-19 cases by mid-May 2021. The second wave of the ongoing pandemic has turned lives and the economy upside down. There are daily reports of a surge in covid positive cases and deaths due to covid. On Friday, India experienced a single-day growth in 3,32,730 (3.32 lakh) COVID-19 infections and 2,263 fatalities with 24,28,616 (24.28 lakh) active cases. India is going through a tough phase and we all need to stay united.
  • The new variant of Covid has brought some new symptoms with it.New symptoms observed in patients are a pain in the abdomen, loose motion, sudden headache, Conjunctivitis and brain fog. And few patients reported auditory and vestibular problems as other symptoms. We should always remember the old symptoms: fever, muscle pain or body ache, loss of smell and taste, sudden chills, breathlessness, extreme fatigue, painful sore throat, etc. If you ever experience any of these symptoms please reach out to hospitals for help. The country is bewildered with 1,761 COVID deaths in a single day.
  • There is a shortage of oxygen in Delhi hospitals and Delhites are struggling to survive amidst the attack of the second wave of Coronavirus. People are rushing towards Punjab to look for beds and oxygen cylinders. As there are no beds and oxygen cylinders in the capital to meet the rising demand.
  • Sikhs come as rescuers for the Delhi people struggling for oxygen. Khalsa Aid has declared to provide free oxygen concentrators to people with low oxygen levels. There is online registration for this to avoid any physical contact and people with the lowest oxygen level will be attended on a priority basis. They have to attach their medical prescription and a picture of oximeter readings will be needed along with other formalities and a concentrator will be issued for a week. Please feel free to contact Khalsa Aid in case of need of oxygen.